Our name is what we do.

When a football player intercepts the ball, he yells, “OSKIE!” to let his fellow defensemen know that he has the ball and will be running for a touchdown. This signals his teammates that he needs their backup to achieve their shared goal.

What does football have to do with staffing?

You’ve got the ball. Run with it. Oskie Group provides the backup you need, so you can take control of your future. It’s time to be an offensive player.

Job seekers – Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity to come to you. Oskie provides the expertise, individual attention and great opportunities you need to reach your goals.

Employers – Don’t settle for less than the best. It’s time to go after the in-demand professionals you deserve. Operate more efficiently, reduce hiring risks and see better candidates with an assist from Oskie Group.

About Oskie

With more than 40 years combined experience in all areas of the health insurance industry – specializing in information technology and business services, Oskie Group prides itself on matching top talent with great employers in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. If you need temporary, temp-to-hire and direct candidates, we can help. Oskie Group has the network to provide top-tier talent and the flexibility to create your custom staffing solution.

It’s time to play offense – call Oskie today.