You need a game plan.

You have in-demand skills, but are you making the most of them? Oskie Group can help you find temporary, project-based consulting and direct opportunities that showcase your hard-earned experience and provide an environment where you can thrive and where you can make a difference.

  • Looking for a tech position where you can put your head down and code? Or do you prefer collaborating with colleagues while brushing up on your ping pong skills?
  • Are you a take-charge healthcare insurance professional who thrives in a small business – one where you can be involved in all facets of healthcare operations? Or would you rather work in a large enterprise where you can hone your specialized skills?
  • Eager to take on complex financial challenges in a large firm? Or would you like a smaller space where you can see your impact on the bottom line?
  • Are you an professional who can provide expert consulting to our clients on business plans, cost-containment, development or IT architecture?

Oskie Group will turn your wish list into our to-do list. With over 40 years combined experience in the healthcare insurance industry, specializing in IT and business, we have the know-how and will take the time to understand your career vision and create a strategy to make it a reality.

Industries we serve

Health Insurance
Payer Organizations
Banking & Finance

Let Oskie Group help.